Battlefield 2 stats not updating

Previous surpluses are subtracted from the current month's goal.

Further surpluses will be reserved for the next month(s).

From now on you can also backup your Battlefield2 accounts/CD-keys directly online!

BF2Hub Webclient - https:// is espacially useful if you dont have installed your game or a specific account on your system and also if you want backup multiple CD-keys.

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No matter where you come from, how you look, regardless of your age, your religion, your sex or your preferences - we are pleased about the fact that you are there!

Our nature language is german, but we try our best to publish the content here in understandable english.Please make sure you update your favorites with the new IP mentioned above.Our special thanks go to all donators of the last months that made this switch possible, to the players that keep the server alive and for detailed issue reports like these about the old server.Just visit (example) or search your 2F4Y teamplay profile and scroll down to the "Global Stats" section. You may backup and migrate your former Battlefield 2 Game Spy accounts (including your stats/unlocks) or create all new accounts directly with the BF2Hub Client.If you don't have Battlefield 2 installed at the moment you may use the BF2Hub Webclient which has the same features available online from everywhere. You probably receive the message "There was a database error, please try again." as shown below: We dont know if this is the final Game Spy Shutdown or just a temporary error.

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